Try out a great restaurant, have a wonderful time socializing with friends and win big prizes. Our third annual Bricks and Barrels Feed the Children Benefit will be happening starting at 5pm on October 16th. The restaurant will be all ours and we are planning a night of food, drinks and fun.  Tickets will be $25 and will include a ticket for the door prizes, all the food and drinks you can eat. More info to come.


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Relief Fund Announcement:

Elk River Back Pack Blessings is accepting Relief Funds. All donations are tax deductible .

Make checks out to: 
622 Elk Estates

Elkview, WV 25071

Check it out, Elk River Back Pack Blessings is being featured on West Virginia's Department of Education's Feed to Achieve 

A Message from Debi O'Dell


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide food to elementary students whose main source for food is their school. We provide a back pack of nutritious, kid friendly food at the end of each week. Our goal is to help ease the hunger of the child so that they attend school regularly, have better health, and are successful. With over 100 students in the program from five different schools we need help providing food each week.


Our Program

We work closely with the school counselors, teachers and social workers in our area to meet the needs of the students. Not only do we provide food weekly, we provide boxes of food for the families over school breaks. At the requests of teachers, we are going to provide free books for these students once a month. Our goal is not only to feed our students but to encourage them to be do well in school. Ownership of books is one way we are going to tackle this concern.

We have also provided clothing, coats, hats, scarves, gloves, shoes, boots, school supplies to students. We try to fulfill the request of the school personnel who are working directly with the student.

•Serves hungry students from seven schools along the Elk River in WV.
•Provides a bag of child friendly foods each week and boxes of food over school holidays.
•Sends all donationsdirectly to the students.
•Has no paid volunteers or building expenses involved.
•Online donation link is

Retired Teacher Starts Program To Feed Students

Click here to read about Elk River Back Pack Blessings to feed kids after school ends. 

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