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30 Kid Friendly Summer Snacks

Summer is here which means family fun and of course hungry kids home all day! So, if you’re tired of hearing “I’m hungry” all day long, this list is for you! These healthy snack ideas are sure to keep even your hungriest kiddos happy this summer.

KID FRIENDLY SUMMER SNACKS – FRUIT & VEGGIES: Of course, fresh fruit and vegetables are natures best snacks, but sometimes we need to get creative to make them exciting and kid friendly. Here are some fresh fruit and vegetable snacks your kids are sure to love!

1) Strawberry Salsa & Baked Cinnamon Chips

This is the perfect way to get kids snacking on fresh fruit! And it’s one they will request over and over again.

2) Fruit Necklaces

It doesn’t get much better than a healthy snack and fun activity in one!

3) Fruit & Cheese Kabobs

These kabobs are the perfect combination of fresh fruit and some protein from the cheese cubes. And, my kids love eating anything on a stick.

4) Peanut Butter & Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip

This dip would go perfectly with your fruit kabobs, with apples, or with any fresh fruit. And, of course, kids love to dip just as much as they love kabobs.

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