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A New School Year Brings New & Exciting Changes to Elk River Backpack Blessings

With the new school year comes change. We have changed a few operational items. Nothing major. And we are still feeding children in need necessary meals.

To keep up with our growing demand, Backpack Blessings needs to grow. Growth requires more volunteers. Hence, to become more centrally located, we are moving to Elkview at the All Seasons Storage and U-Haul facility on Route 119. The address is 5148 Elk River Road is the address of All Seasons U-Haul and Storage.

This site is more central for our volunteers and for our food delivery people.

We also have a a shift in leadership. Debi O'Dell, our Director, will continue to secure funds and write & apply to necessary grants.

Daily operations will be handled by Angela Brown and Jennifer O'Dell.

We are seeking groups to schedule packing certain times of the month. Packing will be Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m. Please share this information and if you are a regular please let others know about these changes.

Thank you for your support and participation.

Our PO Box is now PO Box 662 Pinch WV 25156.

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