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By: Ciara Attwell

OK, so the kiddos are home for the summer. And you want them to eat healthy.

This article by Ciara Attwell just might be the ticket to a healthy summer.

Good luck!

My small person is a complete “snackaholic”! In the summer months when she is spending so much more time outside in the fresh air, I feel like she takes snacking to a whole new level and sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with her requests!

If your kids are constantly asking you to fetch them snacks, then try making a snack station in the fridge filled with healthy and filling snacks that they can help themselves. I have a post all about how to make our own here: Fridge Snack Station for Kids.

With snack requests at an all time high over the summer months, I am always looking for new and healthy ideas for snacks to keep things exciting so here is my roundup of 25 of The Best Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids!

Happy Snacking!

A delicious and healthy snack made with just four simple ingredients. A great alternative to ice cream for kids and perfect for the summer!

This is a recipe that is very easy for your kids to help with (or to make entirely independently, depending on age!)

Watermelons make fantastic snacks for kids as they quickly replace lost water and electrolytes. It has an incredible 92% average water content! It’s also an excellent source of vitamin A, potassium and lycopene.

Apple “Donut” Slices are a tasty, crunchy snack with nut butter and your choice of toppings -perfect for adults and kids alike.

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