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12 Must have Summer Food for Kids

Summer is here bringing with it heat waves and loads of play for kids. What is the best time to play and enjoy those summer days. Many kids don’t complain about the hot and grueling sun, but parents have to make some arrangements so that your kids don’t fall ill after playing in the sun for long.

The best way to make sure that your kids do well during summer is to give them fruits and vegetables, lots of them. Here are some of the best fruits and vegetables to help your kids beat the heat this summer.

Best summer fruits and vegetables for your kids


Watermelon is perhaps one of the best fruits that you can give to your kids during summer. A well ripe watermelon has almost 92% of water in it and it is best fruit to be had during summers, as it help in maintaining hydration levels. An ideal fruit during summer afternoons or evenings. Let your kids have big chunks of watermelon during this time.

Muskmelon or cantaloupe:

Muskmelon is also a great fruit which is very good during summers. Muskmelon is also full of juices that help in maintaining hydration levels and it also has lot health benefits as well. It builds up the immune system, it helps in getting better sleep and much more.


We are talking about summer and how can we forget the King of Tropical fruits, the Mango. Summer is the only time you can have juicy, sweet mangoes. You can opt for mangoes which are juicy or fleshy mangoes. Either ways, make sure that the mango is ripe enough to be eaten.

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